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Here’s what CBD can do to help you play pain-free

Ask yourself this, do you rely on medication to relief pain?

But when you play golf, it’s highly likely you don’t want to feel pain. If your shoulder hurts or experiencing back strains or feeling your knees a little twitchy, that can cost you a day missing out on the course.

What’s the biggest problem when you have to rely on medicine or sports creams? First of all, it stinks, making your shirts smell like a medicine chest or a package of moth balls.

Second, the stuff is often greasy and can get on your hands and mess with grips.

God forbid if it explodes in your golf bag. Next thing you’ll have to do is throw it in the trash.

Then, probably your next best move is to try Green Acres CBD and its line of CBD products.

You’ve probably heard of CBD and its derivatives — creams, gums, drops, oils and pills — that have pain-relieving properties.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s a compound extracted from the flowers and buds of cannabis plants (hemp and marijuana) hat has become popular as cannabis has become legal for medical or recreational purposes across more of the United States.

CBD is said to help with anxiety, sleep trouble, pain and other health problems, all while not containing the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which triggers the high users get from smoking marijuana.

The number of pro golfers using CBD products has exploded on the PGA Tour, including Bubba Watson becoming the first player to sign an endorsement deal with a CBD company.

After having a particularly strenuous day of golf, your back might experience pain and you may even have headaches. Instead of popping some pills or putting on spray, try rubbing some Green Acres CBD cream on your back and use the intensive relief rub for your head. Typically, within 15 minutes, the pain can be gone in both places. The products smelled good, with a blend of natural herbs to give a calming aroma.

There’s no high with CBD products, so you just ditch the pain and feel good. And that’s without having to put something on or in your body that might concern you.

The Green Acres CBD line has four options: a cream, flower, oil tincture and a rejuvenation cream, ranging from $20 to $50 each, which should last you a while. The company also has sport melts to enhance recovery and anti-inflammation.

Green Acres CBD uses hemp sourced in the United States and its products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, dyes or sulfates. You can find our store in San Antonio, TX! Our products can be
ordered online easily and shipped to your home.

CBD Can Affect Your Golf Game, For The Better

For starters, let’s get one thing straight: CBD does not get you “high.” It has been said to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and assist in post-workout recovery. It might even help your golf game.
Ever heard of CBD?
Cannabidiol or CBD is a property of cannabis known for its healing properties. CBD is extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant and is one of the several chemical compounds in the plant. THC is the intoxicating property from the cannabis plant and is not a component of commercial CBD products.
CBD has risen to popularity in both pop culture and alternative medicine circles. CBD has been said to reduce anxiety, inflammation, sleeplessness and alleviate chronic pain. Athletes have begun using CBD to assist with muscle recovery and pain management, and treat injuries.
Despite varying opinions on its actual effectiveness, acceptance of CBD is growing. “Green Acres CBD hemp oil helps the mind stay focused and helps the body recover, so I can always play my best,” Frank Smith, CEO of Green Acres CBD. “Most people don’t realize the incredible level of mental stress and anxiety that comes with playing golf. In order to continue playing and performing at the highest level, I need to take care of the one body I have.”
Even the PGA Pro Golfers Want In
Recently, PGA Pro Golfers have partaken in CBD. According to the Executive Director of the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Program, Andy Levinson, CBD has become a popular topic among PGA Tour players and his department has seen an increase of inquiries regarding its legality on the PGA Tour.
CBD is sold and marketed as a supplement, which generally have very poor regulation when it comes to the U.S. and the FDA, Levinson said. The lack of regulation has led to issues in the marketplace. Products are often mislabeled or include very little CBD. Companies are able to make large claims with little supporting evidence.
“People have a tendency to trust labels and if it something says ‘all-natural’ or ‘safe for athletes’ or something like that, there is really no recourse for that to be put on a label and it not be true,” Levinson said. “So if players want to take supplements, and a supplement can be anything from a multivitamin to CBD oil, we strongly suggest that they only use supplements from the NSF Certified for Sport List.”
WHO Clears CBD
Among the organizations researching CBD further, the World Health Organization has published a report clearing the safety of the property; stating, “To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” The University of Miami has been conducting studies on how CBD may be an effective treatment for concussions. The FDA approved one CBD product called Epidiolex, which is a treatment for childhood epilepsy.
CBD is the Next Best Thing For Golf
There are several ways to take CBD or hemp oil. Topical oils and lotions, which take the longest to be absorbed but have longer-lasting effects, are the easiest to start with and are known for calming skin and muscles, reducing redness and relieving pain. CBD has also become extremely common in beauty products with claims to treat acne, have anti-aging qualities or smooth skin. CBD lotions are often used in place of traditional liniments to relieve muscle aches and pains.
Now that you know of CBD and how it can be ingested, where does golf play a role in this? After reading what kind of positive effects CBD creates, maybe this can improve your golf game. Regardless of how you take CBD, always start small and build on the dosage. Some products may take up to three hours to take effect, so don’t overdo it early on. Also, be sure to check with your doctor to clear any medical interactions. CBD can raise levels of medications in your body similar to the reaction grapefruit juice can have on medicine.
In San Antonio, you can find a variety of high quality and affordable CBD products at Green Acres CBD Solutions! Call us today at (830) 428-6489 to place your order via delivery or contact-less pick up at our store. We’re located at 17327 I-35 N Suite 202, Schertz, TX.

Top 5 Reasons Why Golfers Should be Using CBD

So you probably know by now CBD is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the golf space, and with each day that passes it feels as though CBD’s influence on the sport grows. Master’s winner, Phil Mickelson, was spotted using CBD oil during the 2019 Masters while Bubba Watson, Charley Hoffman and Lucas Glover are just a few names on the PGA Tour who now have a CBD sponsor. (Which lead the Tour to issue a warning to its golfers about the use of CBD last year.)

1. Golfers can play more and longer

“CBD can help our bodies recover and allow a golfer to play round after round, day after day. Whether you’re sore from the day before or fighting off the sluggishness that comes with aging, CBD can help to restore your body to have you ready to play golf as often as you’d like.”

2. The calming effect does wonders

“It’s pretty simple: CBD calms you down. We’ve all had those first-tee jitters and the uneasy feeling of hitting in front of people. Whether you’re playing in a club championship or nervous over a three-foot slider, taking CBD before a round can help to settle your nerves.

3. Travel balance 

“Professional and amateur golfers travel far and wide to play this game. A body on the move typically leads to an unbalanced body. CBD can help to bring homeostasis to your system and balance your body. It’s a big reason why we’re seeing more and more professional golfers use our products for travel purposes.” (Massey added that two Presidents Cup members used CBD products for their 20-hour trip to Australia.) “It’s a great way to come off the plane ready to go for your next golf trip.”

4. Relieves aches and pains

“CBD can help to naturally suppress inflammation. Back pain, joint pain and more are not uncommon for golfers to experience. Aches and pains can be an unfortunate part of life, it’s unlikely that any golfer feels 100% on the course. When using CBD, it can help to combat those aches and pains that might otherwise keep you off the course.”

5. More focused energy = increase in players’ productivity

“Some CBD products, like Green Acres CBD Gummies, are essentially energy nuggets. Every golfer knows that groggy and stiff feeling on the first few holes that comes with early tee times. CBD can help jumpstart your day and increase your focus on the back nine when you’re closing in on winning a match.”

Golf is a stressful game. CBD can make your body and mind consistent when you have to deal with the ups-and-downs that come with playing golf at the amateur and professional levels.”

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